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The objective of a picture is to tell a story that touches the audience. The format does not matter, photos have always been there to help convey an individual perception of the world.

François-Ferdinand shoots out of passion and curiosity. He travels to show pictures of life around him as he sees it, capturing original and authentic moments, giving a glimpse into the everyday or the not-so-everyday lives of acquaintances or complete strangers. The pictures are portrayals, without any or very little mise-en-scène.

The power of his pictures are not just in showing a particular moment, but also inciting the viewer to imagine a story, to provoke a feeling or, even, to envision the second right before and right after the moment the picture was taken. The more natural it is, the better.

As an urban photographer his travels led him across the globe capturing from Venezuela to Syria, from the Carnival of Venice to the Istanbul Riots. 

When shooting portraits, besides searching for the right angle and lightning he makes the most camera-shy individual at ease in front of the lens for a perfect and natural moment that makes a picture unique. He has worked for Lacoste Live and Trollbeads and have been published in various magazines for his works of urban photography.

Photo Credit: Rob Knight

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