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The main objective of a picture is to tell a story that touches the audience. The format does not matter, photos have always been there to help convey a perception of the world. I shoot out of passion and curiosity, I travel to show pictures of life around me as I see it. I try to give a glimpse into the everyday or the not-so-everyday lives of people, acquaintances or complete strangers. The pictures are portrayals, without any or very little mise-en-scène.

The power of a picture is not just to show a particular moment, but also to incite the viewer to imagine a story or to provoke a feeling or indeed to envision the second right before and right after the moment the picture was taken. The more natural it is, the better.

To me photography is about capturing the story in a moment, sometimes a feeling and hoping that this story will be recognized by the audience.

These pictures are a selection of my work, I hope you will like them. Enjoy your visit and please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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